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Tynax Inc., the developers of have been involved in the sale and marketing of thousands of patents as corporate sellers, buyers, buyer’s brokers and intermediaries.  After several years of experience, they realized that the value of a patent was quite predictable, and they recognized that patent holders were often left in the dark about the value of their patents.

The buyers essentially determine the prices of patents and these buyers followed certain valuation methodologies.  The methodology adopted depended on whether the patent had contracted or anticipated licensing revenues, whether potential licensees had been identified, or whether the patent had no licensees identified.  Taking what they had learned from interacting with buyers, the ValueMyPatent team realized that the same formulas could be applied to patents before they were placed on the market, in order to assess their potential value. 

The estimates of patent value predicted proved to be highly accurate when the patents were ultimately sold. This was not surprising, as the methodologies applied by the buyers when making offers were very similar the methodologies employed for the pre-marketing patent valuation.

After defining the valuation algorithm based on the models used by patent buyers, a software platform was adopted and the algorithm was implemented to produce a valuation report from a patent number.  The software collects a detailed set of information on the patent from public USPTO patent records, collects information on similar and related patents, then analyzes the patent and compares it with similar patents that are related and/or have been recently sold. 

The ValueMyPatent software, website and algorithm were refined during 2010 and the service released in April 2011.

As well as providing single patent valuation reports via the website, the service is currently being integrated into third party websites under cobranded partnering arrangements, and portfolio reports are being designed to analyze and value larger portfolios for corporate clients. is operated by Tynax Inc. - Patent Brokers and I.P. Strategists.